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Capworth Property Management is a Property Management firm with professionals that have over 75 years of combined commercial real estate experience


“Service is our motto”

Our Services

Our Services

Property Management

  • Ensure protection of: the tenant's personnel and their clients; the maintenance staff and the asset itself.

  • Coordinate with the landlord the rents and other elements including form(s) of lease agreement(s) to be used.

  • Complete marketing and leasing services (offer to lease; lease documentation and negotiations.)

  • Ensure performance of all covenants, obligations and duties pursuant to the lease(s) and the law.

  • Establish and maintain rental revenue records.

  • Produce annual budget(s) of revenues, expenses and cash available.

  • Customized quarterly reports with re-forecasting to year end. 

  • Properly staff the asset with appropriate skill levels.

  • Contract for services and supplies.

  • Pay all expenses including mortgage payments.

  • Perform all acts necessary for the proper and efficient management of the asset.

  • Work hand in hand with the respective hired brokerage in order to implement a leasing strategy in place.

Real Estate Advisory

Asset Management

  • Oversight of Property Management, Marketing and Leasing Functions

  • Highest and best use analysis of the asset

  • Insurance placement

  • Property Tax Review

  • Arrange for formal appraisals

  • Mortgage Placement and payments

  • Quarterly Reports

  • Variance Analysis



We have a broad knowledge to assist an investor in acquiring real estate including: risk analysis calculating return projections; due diligence of leases; financial reports; operating contracts; property taxes and building condition reports.



We can provide guidance and advice of a project development from initial concept to completion.


Review of Current Property Management Services
We can review the contract and operations of an existing property manager to determine any gaps of service delivery and undertake a review of operating expenses, contracts and security.


Security Systems Review

One of the most important aspects of owning and managing properties is to ensure the safety of tenants, their clients, maintenance staff and the general public. We can review and recommend an adequate property security system for an asset.


Utility Reviews

We can conduct and provide the following analysis/reports in order to reduce the utility costs for an asset such as: a consumption analysis; the determination of separate metering for tenants; make recommendations for new equipment and the payback thereon along with handling the application process for rebates. 


Property Assessment

We can review the property tax assessment in order to determine if an appeal is required or not.


Business Case Assessment

We can review the viability of the following for an asset/complex: expansion(s);  redevelopments; capital expenditures; replacements and tenant improvements.


Furthermore, we can advise on the feasibility, value for money and financial investment returns for an asset.


Building Condition Reports

We can coordinate BCRs with expert consultants at preferred pricing for your property.


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